Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome to New York NightLife


In this city which never sleeps, where the social, cultural, and economic pulse of America can be felt every second, there are large ethnic contrasts and even greater diversities in which the fortunate visitor can explore. It is in this exploration where every tourist walks away with a sort of minor degree in both International geography and ethnocentric sociology.

This blog is an extension of AOL Hometown New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. The addtional sub-blog are supplements-such restaurants to go to, theatres, broadway productions, piano bar - lounges, dances, symphonies, and much, much more.

Travel is an exciting adventure component of living and growing democracy. The enjoyment in which many feel in their travels is virtual freedon in which all feel. Thus, this blog publication carrys with it an added responsiability, and that is the central reason why contents are based upon the principals of cultural democracy .

Note: For those who are interested in the additional details of information about various fascets about New York City go to the other content blogs.

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Beyond this point are for those who are intellectually interested in cultural democracy and what this implys.

To understand the basic goto Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay by Mr. Roger M. Christian. To participated in a discussion group goto The Cultural Democracy Network and sign up.

In a related matter is the Les Avant Garde series, and their attached discussion forums.

Les Avant Garde Les Avant Garde Academic Institutions of Higher Education and Research - and - Les Avant Garde Entertainment and Recreation.

The other fascet is based upon The International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement. and the netowrk internet operations The International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network.

These are only the bare elements needed for you to understand to broader scope of the emerging civilization around us, and how communications is becoming more and more an important component of how our civilization is to be constructed; and essenitally why cultural democracy is a crucial element which needs to be at the heart of how this process is considered.

Thus other posting are coming, as well as broader spectrum of where to go and have a great time in enjoying life itself.

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Mr. Roger M. Christian

P.S. A Welcome is extended to the Downtown Buisness Partnership of Ithaca, New York.


The Ithaca Cultural Directory.